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To the last game

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Barney Rubble

Alan Peacock

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To the last game

PostSun Apr 24, 2016 9:32 am

After yesterdays disappointing draw we know the final match will be a last game shootout.

I don't think Brighton will slaughter Derby, but I do think they will beat them meaning we could really do with winning at Birmingham, that way we will only need a draw in the final match.

The Riverside won't be a place for the faint hearted on the 7th, I just hope the players handle the pressure better than they did last season.

I don't think I could take the play offs again !!
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Micky Fenton

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Re: To the last game

PostMon Apr 25, 2016 9:19 am

For me, Burnley are up as champions.

Whichever team it is from us and Brighton are going to be massively disappointed to be in the playoffs, and I would honestly expect Hull or Derby to progress into the PL from Wembley. I think it will be too much for whichever of us drops out of the top two to pick themselves back up for the playoffs.

And I do not want to see us lose at Wembley again.

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