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i'm trying to look on the bright side

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Alan Peacock

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i'm trying to look on the bright side

PostSun Mar 05, 2017 10:51 am

did anyone expect us to get anything at Stoke?

they are in the top 10 and difficult to beat, especially at home

i know our performance was shocking, shambolic and without any sign of fight or passion

i think AK's time is up and he should walk away or be kicked out the door....

but before the game i think most people agreed with his team - granted the performance was pretty shocking from them all, and the tactics were what we've (sadly) become used to seeing

funny how when we started putting the ball in the box things happened (on another day Gibbos goal would have stood), Ledbitter offers a goal threat - he can deliver a dangerous ball into the box and for me he should be playing every game - De Roon should have done better with that chance he had but he is fucking diabolical, he really is a shit player

Traore was woeful, Friend had another mare defending

We could have Messi and Ronaldo upfront, makes no odds cos they would only see the ball about 3 times during 90 minutes

we're not down yet....but we're heading that way with a whimper
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David Mills

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Re: i'm trying to look on the bright side

PostMon Mar 06, 2017 12:07 am

Quite simply, it was the manner we got beat! Ramirez needs to be left out to rot! the players have a lot to answer for its just not karanka's fault her.
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Re: i'm trying to look on the bright side

PostThu Mar 09, 2017 12:13 pm

I don't mind us getting beat, it's to be expected.

However, I do mind HOW we are beat. We're not even in a relegation FIGHT. There's nothing at all.

1 year Ago Aitor walked out on us, hopefully he does the same. Permanently.

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