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E-Books/Reading/ Kindle Thread

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Scott McDonald

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E-Books/Reading/ Kindle Thread

PostWed Mar 30, 2016 11:10 am

Having had my Kindle now for over 4 years I thought I would Jot down a few of the series I have read ,enjoyed and would recommend to others.

I know there are quite a few intellectuals on this Board who enjoy reading

The Genre I read is mostly Crime thrillers/ Gangster/ Mysteries/ Historical Fiction/

I'll start with the more Well known authors and finish with some excellent new ones I have come across over the last year or so....

David Baldacci :- (Will Robie Series) The Target, The Hit, The Innocent, The Guilty
Tom Wood :- (Victor the Assasin series) The Hunter, The Enemy, The Game, The Darkest Day
If you like the Robert Ludlum 'Bourne' series then you will enjoy the above two series

Peter James :- (Roy Grace Series) Dead Tomorrow, Dead Mans Footsteps, Dead Simple, Looking good Dead, Not Dead enough

Craig Russell :- (The Lennox Series) Lennox, The long Glasgow Kiss, A fear of Dark Water, The Deep Dark Sleep, Dead Men and Broken Hearts - Private PI series, based in Glasgow in the 1950's. Very Gritty
Craig Russel :- (Jan Fabel Series) The Valkyrie Song, Eternal, Brother Grimm, Blood Eagle, The Carnival Master, The Ghosts of Altona - Murder series set in Hamburg (The Carnival Master is set in Cologne) - excellent series, especially Brother Grimm

Gordon Ferris:- (Douglas Brodie series) - Gallowglass, Pilgrim Soul, Bitter water, The Hanging Shed,
Gordon Ferris :- (Danny McRae series) Truth Dare Kill, The Unquiet Heart
Above are both Crime/Gangster PI series, set in post war Glasgow

Tony Black :- - (Gus Drury series) - Loss, Long Time Dead, Gutted, Paying for it, Long way down - Gangster type , based in Edinburgh

Paul Finch:- (Detective Mark Heckinburg Series) stalkers, Sacrifice, the killing club, Dead Man walking, a wanted man, Hunted - Member of the National Crime Group based out of Scotland yard, investigating Gruesome crimes all around the UK

Sam Eastland :- (Inspector Pekkala series) eye of the red Tsar, siberian Red, The Red Moth, the Beast in the Red forest, The Red Coffin, - WW2 series based on a Russian Police inspector

Tom Rob Smith :- (Leo Demidov Trilogy) Child 44, The Secret Speech, Agent 6
You may have seen the film of Child 44 at the Cinema, the other two are follow ups to this and lead onto Post Stalinist Russia and up to the mid 1980's Cold War period

Newish Crime/ Mystery writers I have read over the last year or so.....
John Nicholson :- (Nick Guymer series) - These are mainly based on Teesside and are by one of our Teesside born writers
Teesside Steal, Teesside Missed, Queen of the Tees, DJ Tees, Teesside Blues, Tyne Tees, High Tees, Teesside Meat, Teesside Shadows , King Tees

Rachel Abbott :- (DCI Tom Douglas) Only the Innocent, Sleep tight, Stranger Child, Nowhere Child, Kill me again
Detective series set mainly in and around Manchester, i really recommend the latter three in this series- Superb

Angela Marsons:- (Detective Kim Stone) Silent Screams, Evil Games, Lost Girls
Another new excellent female crime writer

Luca Veste :- (Murphy and Rossi series) Dead gone, the Dying place, Bloodstream -
Crime series set in and around Liverpoool

Mark Sennen :- (DI Charlotte Savage) Two evils, Touch, Bad Blood, Cut Dead, Tell Tale
set in and around Plymouth and Devon

Robert Bryndza :- (Detective Erika Foster) The Girl in the ice
First in a Trilogy, set 'South of the River' in London
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Bernie Slaven

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Re: E-Books/Reading/ Kindle Thread

PostSat Apr 02, 2016 10:46 pm

Nice start!

Must admit that I've read none of the books you mentioned, but given the sheer number of authors perhaps that isn't surprising?

I've read so many books I could not hope to list them all, but some that come to mind as great reads outside of the top 10 stuff...I'd recommend the following broken down by genre:

Robert Rankin - The Antipope
Robert Rankin - The Brentford Triangle
Robert Rankin - East of Ealing
(All the above part of The Brentford Trilogy)

Anything by the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett

Anything by the late, great Douglas Adams

Historical Fiction
Umberto Eco - The Name Of The Rose

Umberto Eco - Foucault's Pendulum
Martin Cruz Smith - Gorky Park

Auto / Biography
David Niven - The Moon's a Balloon
Hopkins / Sugarman - No One Here Gets Out Alive (Jim Morrison)
Gerald Durrell - My Family and Other Animals
Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs : The Exclusive Biography

Spike Milligan - Puckoon, Adolf Hitler His Part in my Downfall (actually any of his war memoirs)
Jerome K Jerome - Three Men in a Boat
PG Wodehouse - The Code of the Woosters (but almost anything from him)

Well there's a starter anyway!
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Bernie Slaven

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Re: E-Books/Reading/ Kindle Thread

PostSun Apr 10, 2016 9:10 pm

BTW - I spotted this the other day... 8)

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