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Games Completed in 2018 and a Rating

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Micky Fenton

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Games Completed in 2018 and a Rating

PostMon Jan 08, 2018 9:35 am

DISNEY'S ALADDIN (1993) - 7.0

Recently found my brother's old PSP at our mam's house, so modded it and put Megadrive and SNES games on - first one I tackled was Aladdin which was one of my favourite games as a kid on the Megadrive.

Never completed it then, no way I would have been able to do it without the Save State option that this emulator came with (which basically means you can save at any point and load it whenever you want).

Classic platformer action, the kind they rarely make any more. Only around 10 levels on it, but some solid sections - the final boss took me over twenty minutes of try/fail/load/repeat, no idea how anyone could have clocked this without using a cheat for unlimited lives when it was first out!

DISNEY'S ALADDIN (1993) - 7.0

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Joseph-Desire Job

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Re: Games Completed in 2018 and a Rating

PostSat Jan 20, 2018 6:30 pm

LoZ: Breath of the Wild - 10/10

Basically perfect. Combat is great, easy to pick up, plenty to master with timing blocks, dodges etc. Exploration totally blows up what I'd expect from an open world, everything is there to be climbed and explored with puzzles, combat trials and collectibles littering the open world. Compared to Bethesda worlds, which plonk a mountain in the way as a barrier, or Ubisoft worlds that litter the place with a million icons that amount to little more than busywork, it's such a breath of fresh air. Looks and sounds gorgeous. One of the best games I've ever played.

Nex Machina - 9/10

Twin stick shooter from HouseMarque - Resogun, Alienation - and it's by far the best game they've made. Relentlessly fast paced, punishing but never unfair, looks brilliant and tons of replayability. If you liked their other stuff, definitely pick this up.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - 7/10

The two leads are good, but otherwise it's just kind of... fine. Gameplay is standard Uncharted, but it taking place in one environment (rather than globe-trotting) and the lack of big set pieces kind of highlights how little the series has going on here.

Still, worth it for the two leads, who are great.

Also I've finished XCOM 2 again, on Ironman (no save scumming) which is still great (9/10 last year, enjoyed it more this time round, will replay a couple of times), played a bunch of Mario Kart 8 (loads of content, looks awesome, great fun, Switch design makes it easy to pick up and play, feel like it's missing some of my favourite courses/characters though so 9/10), I've muddled through maybe half of Downwell (rock hard indy title, really fun though and great in short bursts, just wish I had half a chance of finishing the fucking thing, for me it's probably a 7/10 because I'm too much of a filthy casual to get the most out of it but it's still objectively good).

Telltale's Game of Thrones - 6/10

Yeah, it's alright. Solid for a freebie, anyway. Story is fine, but has the same problem as the show where it gets interesting then goes somewhere boring for half an hour but on the whole it's got a decent cast of characters and most of the threads are pretty good. The licensed soundtrack is great but the original stuff is a poor imitation. It's quite an ugly game too, but then a lot of Telltale stuff is. But yeah, it's fine.


Joseph-Desire Job

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Re: Games Completed in 2018 and a Rating

PostSat Feb 17, 2018 8:16 am

Been a while, so I'll give this a bump.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - 9/10

Third person action/puzzle game, with elements of survival horror, where you play a woman walking into hell to save her lover's soul. Gamrplay is split between solving visual puzzles and combat, both of which start out fairly basic but gradually become more interesting a complex. Combat, in particular, becomes super weighty and frenetic. These are broken up with short bits of exposition that flesh out both Senua's past and the Norse mythology the game'sworld is based on.

It's the sound, though, where the game really comes into it's own. Senua has psychosis, so has voices in her head and when it's played with headphones it mimics them whispering in your ear. I've never experienced anything like it, and it is legitimately freaky shit. Sometimes they're encouraging, sometimes they'll give you tips in combat ("behind you!", etc), and sometimes they will just fuck with you for fun. It's genuinely creepy and elevates the whole experience.

That it's an independent title - funded and published by the developer, self-marketed, budgeted and priced accordingly - but with the look and feel of a £50 AAA game at half the price (or £16 in the recent sale), definitely earns it some Brownie points. Would love to see more games made like this.

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