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Has anyone heard of/got FORTNITE?

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Micky Fenton

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Has anyone heard of/got FORTNITE?

PostFri Oct 06, 2017 11:15 am

Lad at work just been telling me it is excellent fun, said it is basically the same as Battlegrounds - he said it is free on PSN at the minute


Jeremie Aliadiere

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Re: Has anyone heard of/got FORTNITE?

PostFri Oct 06, 2017 1:49 pm

Honestly, it's shite compared to Battlegrounds. It is a complete rip-off of Battlegrounds but it is an embarrasingly bad version in my opinion. The cartoony graphics are horrible and the gunplay is even worse.

The creators of Battlegrounds are threatening to sue Epic over how much of a copy it is. I see their point, but after playing it I thought "Why are they bothering?".

It is free so you may as well give it a try, but it's like playing Battlegrounds on LSD with oven mitts on.

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