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Gran Turismo Sport

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Gran Turismo Sport

PostSun Dec 10, 2017 2:07 pm

So, who else has this?

I've started putting some time into it and I'm absolutely loving it. The online racing is brilliant, register, qualify then race. Plus with the 'Sportsmanship Rating' people are forced to play nice, so no more first corner wipe outs. Get the odd spin off when tustling but no more than you get when karting in real life or in real motorsport. The handling and braking is brilliant as well (I have all the assists off).

Tried the VR for 5mins and its insane, looking at someone as you overtake is brilliant - just a shame its only 1-1 AI. Not even AI but full grids, shame really. I wonder if it will change at some point if its patchable?

I see Steely on it, he has set some decent times, and its just there, which makes comparing yourself against your mates really simple as well.

Sadly, still 5 seconds off the worlds best times although winning plenty online races. Its tiered based on your results, so if I keep winning, I get promoted and inevitably find my 'level'. Obviously I'm not yet racing the worlds best, and would be creamed if I did, but its good to compare and aim for lap time improvements.

The graphics are lovely as well, really smooth, shadows, textures, looks really smart.

Given its dropped in price everywhere, I'd definitely recommend it if you like GT games, its different to the old ones, but still a great game in its own right.

7 or 8 /10 so far, but I've got a lot more to experience yet so cant decide.

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